Glenn Neuschwender

Glenn Neuschwender is the Founder and CEO of Enviroscience Consultants, a full-service, multidiscipline environmental, health, and occupational safety firm with over 25+ years of experience integrating science, engineering, and investigative methodologies to provide trusted environmental solutions. His tenured science background in investigative and analytical methodologies, engineering and design principles, and environmental regulatory standards allows him to lead a disciplined approach across complex environmental, health, and safety challenges. Glenn’s deep expertise includes asbestos inspection, analysis, and remediation strategies, indoor air quality, mold, and ventilation, biological and chemical contaminants, sampling protocols, remediation techniques, epidemiological surveys, health effects, as well as soil and groundwater investigations, remediation, and monitoring.


Notably, Glenn brings extensive education (k-12) experience to nimbly manage the concerns and expectations of multiple stakeholders and carefully guide community engagement. His outstanding work includes programs approved by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Suffolk County, New York District Attorney’s Office. He is a licensed Professional Geologist in the States of New York and Tennessee. Furthermore, Glenn is the governmental Director of the accredited EPA/NYS environmental laboratory facility and EPA/NYS Asbestos Training Center. Additionally, he is an NYS-approved Mold Training Provider. Above all, he champions steadfast transparency and meticulous due diligence to ensure investigative integrity for the communities he serves.

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